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Arcadia Physics Team

Where knowledge meets passion
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Welcome to Arcadia High School’s Physics Team, a place where we share the passion to learn and apply the universal disciplines of physics in every aspect of life, taking our skills to the National Physics Olympiad and National Physics Bowl competitions.

Welcome To Arcadia Physics Team!!

Our Values





What we do

  • Study physics, of course!

  • Discuss interesting physics problems and phenomenon

  • Practice for physics competitions, like F=ma and Physics Bowl

  • Find the field in physics that interests you the most

  • Do outreach events to teach children in Taiwan

  • Have fun!!

Long-time Goal

  • To place 1st in State and 1st Overall (Nationally and Internationally) in Division 01 and 02 in Physics Bowl Competition

  •  To have at least 2 or more students from Physics Team be ranked as Arcadia High School representatives in the Physics Olympiad Competition and to be elected to be a part of the U.S. International Physics Team

  • Get T-shirts for the team and possibly jackets

  • Have bonding events, Fundraisers, and an ultimate bonding event with all academic teams

Things to do
Meet Our Members!

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